One Authority and One Process was Achieved in Port Clearance


From April 20, at all ports in China, the previous entry-exit inspection and quarantine workforce commenced operation as an integral part of China Customs; officers at front-line border areas, including passenger processing, cargo examination and service counters, are now in Customs uniform with Customs epaulet, and enterprises and passengers can deal with only one authority in one process for their clearance.

At the passenger processing site of Beijing Capital Airport, the previous 8 links for entry-exit passengers have been integrated into 5 links, including health quarantine, declaration, on-site investigation, inspection and disposal, thus further accelerating the clearance of passengers.

Meanwhile, the previous passenger channels of Customs and CIQ have been integreted into one, with a joint use of examination equipments and single examination of luggage and articles; additionally, the port agencies have been also integrated to implement the “single declaration, single examination and single release” initiative. In terms of mail processing, the previous Customs-Quarantine 17 links have been integrated into 6 ones; in terms of express-mail processing, the previous 9 links have been integrated into 4 ones, including declaration, animal/plant quarantine, inspection and release.