The “Single Window” Clearance Platform Available in Kunming, Yunnan Province


Recently, a batch of imported grape-juice products was cleared at Kunming Gaoxin Bonded Logistics Center, Yunnan Province. In the process of customs clearance, the declarers, without having to visit local Customs House and Inspection-Quarantine Agency, just input the goods information into the “Single Window” platform for international trade so as to make both quarantine and customs declarations in a paperless manner, and they could check the clearance statuses at any time. Therefore, not only those declaration procedures got streamlined, with declaration time shortened considerably, but also enterprise composite cost got a substantial reduction.

Reportedly, this was the first consignment declared through the “Single Window” platform at Kunming Gaoxin Bonded Logistics Center which was released in a second through the “intelligent checkpoint” system.

The “Single Window” platform, an international trade facilitation measure advocated by the United Nations, was first implemented in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Since 2017, both Yunnan Province and Kunming City have set up relevant mechanisms to actively promote the "Single Window" for international trade under national arrangement.