Haikou Customs’ First Enterprise Registration and Filing for Integrated Customs-Quarantine Declarations


A few days ago, Hainan Hongce Network Technology Company Ltd. completed its registration and filing with Haikou Customs for both customs declarations and quarantine declarations. This is the first of such registration and filing of enterprises with the Customs in Hainan Province after entry-exit inspection and quarantine duties and workforce were integrated into China Customs.

“This time, after we made the declarations on the Single Window platform, very soon we got our Registration Certificate and Filing Form from the Customs’ service counter,” said Mr. Li, Business Manager of this Company, who was excited to get their “Registration Certificate of Customs Broker” and “Filing Form of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Declarer”.

From April 20, as enterprise qualifications for customs and quarantine declarations are integrated, an enterprise can get double qualifications at the same time by making online application on the “International Trade Single Window” platform and then submitting documents on customs operational sites, without having to visit local Customs and Quarantine agencies respectively as before.

An enterprise’s previous qualifications for customs and quarantine declarations will remain valid; if an enterprise is only registered or filed for either customs declarations or quarantine declarations, it can also, from June 1, get double qualifications by supplementing its application on the “Single Window” platform.