Ningbo Customs Offers "Joint-Management in One Warehouse" for Bonded and Non-Bonded Goods


“Our Company activated more than 26,000 square meters of warehouse capacity, which has led to an increase of more than 11 million yuan in our annual turnover. The 'Joint-Management in One Warehouse' has brought us tangible benefits,” said Sun Yaer, Manager of Ningbo Gaoxin Logistics Co., Ltd. “Joint-Management in One Warehouse” refers to "control of goods in the warehouse through status classification", a model recently adopted by Ningbo Customs.

Another innovation of Ningbo Customs, the model of "control of goods in the warehouse through status classification" allows non-bonded goods to be warehoused and distributed together with bonded goods in special control areas, for the purpose of export or domestic process. This model represents the implementation by Ningbo Customs of another innovative model first introduced in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Ningbo Customs launched a pilot for the new model in October 2017. By upgrading the hardware and software of the pilot enterprises, the Customs acquired real-time data of, and thus monitoring, the entry, exit, transfer and storage of goods. This allows non-bonded goods to be managed in same warehouses in special control areas as bonded goods, greatly increasing enterprises’ efficiency.

By the end of February, there were 9 pilot enterprises in Ningbo Export Processing Zone. These enterprises had 1,916 consignments of non-bonded goods-which valued at USD 244 million-brought into and taken out of the Zone.