Shenzhen Customs Seizes Ephedrine (with photo)

Officers of Shenzhen Customs District said they had seized 72,000 Ephedrine pills which were illegally brought in by 11 Hong Kong passengers entered through Luohu Port. The pills were with a gross weight of 14.4 kilograms. Ephedrine is an important substance for Ice making.

Nanning Customs Provides Attentive Services for 11th China-ASEAN Expo (with photo)

The 11th China-ASEAN Expo was held from September 16 to 19 at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nanning Customs District has exercised control over 324 consignments of exhibits with a weight of 108 tons. These exhibits, which mainly included handicrafts, textile products and agricultural products, were valued at USD 848,900, according to Customs officers.

Changchun Customs Seizes Taxus Products(with photo)

Linjiang Customs House (affiliated to Changchun Customs District) intercepted a taxus smuggling case a few days ago. 3 taxus stocks, 4 taxus figures, 3 taxus ships and some taxus cups were seized in the case.

Attentive Services Provided for Ancient Animal Fossils(with photo)

Officers of Shenyang Taoxian Airport Customs House (affiliated to Shenyang Customs District) released on September 9 a consignment of ancient animal fossils for a show overseas.

Nanning Customs Seizes in Succession 4 Rice Smuggling Cases(with photo)

Officers of Nanning Customs District said they had intercepted in succession 4 big rice smuggling cases since the start of the national campaign codenamed “Green Wind” to fight against the smuggling of agricultural products this year. These 4 cases involved a value of RMB 290 million and an evaded tax of RMB 121 million. 10 gangs that had smuggled in 48,700 tons of rice were smashed, said Customs officers.

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