Shenzhen Customs Seizes Scutes of Carapace

A hawksbill turtle smuggling case was seized, announced Shenzhen Customs District a few days ago. Anti-smuggling Customs officers said on June 25 this year, in a raid upon a wooden fishing boat on the Dayawan seas to the east of Guangdong Province......

Python Gall Bladders Seized

Officers of Shenzhen Customs District said they had found some black hard items wrapped in a plastic bag in the carry-on handbag of an inward passenger entering through Futian Port a few days ago. These items, most of which were in the shape of triangle, oblong or oval, were claimed by the passenger as “dry fruits” at first and said by him as snake gall bladders in further Customs questioning. The items seized were later confirmed as gall bladders of Python, said Customs officers.

Quality Services Provided for Fishing Gear Expo

The 7th China(Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo was held a few days ago at International Exhibition Center in Weihai, Shandong Province. Officers of Weihai Customs House (affiliated to Qingdao Customs District) provided clearance guidance and consultation service to the domestic and foreign exhibitors and distributed materials on Customs policies and regulations at the exhibition center.

Wenzhou Customs Seizes Ivory Pen Containers (with photo)

Officers of Wenzhou Customs House (affiliated to Hangzhou Customs District) said they had seized in succession 17 ivory products in the shape of pen containers a few days ago. The ivory products were with a street value of RMB 200,000, according to Customs officers.

Ningbo Customs Releases quickly Export Tuna(with photo)

Officers of Beilun Customs House (affiliated to Ningbo Customs District) opened a green channel and released efficiently a consignment of frozen yellowfin tuna on September 26.

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