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Mask of Sheshonq II and Golden Drop Entered for the Expo(with photo)  

The Expo Park still sees sizable influx of goods after the opening on 1 May, officers of Shanghai Customs District said. According to the statistics, from 1 May to 11 May, Shanghai Customs District had released 275 shipments of Expo-related materials with a value of USD 50 million. Since the first one was released on 26 September, 2008, by far, Shanghai has released 1880 shipments of Expo-related materials, valuing over USD 900 million.

Customs officers said the materials they released these days not only include those souvenirs and foods which will be sold at the pavilions but also some national treasures like the Mask of Sheshonq II from Egypt and the Golden Drop made by the Czech Republic especially for the Expo. In order not to affect the normal operating hours of the Park, Customs officers managed to exercise control over the materials at midnights. For those precious articles which can not stand repeated unpacking, Customs officers provided door-to-door services and inspected them at the pavilion.
Zheng Chengyong, director of the Customs Control Center for Shanghai 2010 World Expo said that as the exhibition design and arrangement of some pavilions are still in process and some other pavilions may need to replace their exhibits with new ones, large quantities of materials will enter the country in the next few months. Customs officers will do whatever they can to provide high-quality services, despite the heavy workload.

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