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Release expeditiously Main Power Supply System for Asian Games Opening Ceremony  

Customs officers of the Materials Clearance Services Center for the 16th Asian Games said they had accepted the declaration for the main power supply system for the opening ceremony of the Games. Officers said the USD 10 million worth of equipment weighed 1388 tons in total ,among which 1242 tons would be transported by ship and the other 146 tons by air.
There is an urgent need for the system as the opening ceremony will be held in less than a month. Different parts of the system delivered separately from  Spain, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, were transported, by air and by sea, to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Nansha Bonded Area and Guangzhou Huangpu New Port to be imported into China. The involving of many different ports of entry made the clearance procedure especially complicated, and the running out of time made expeditious clearance crucial at the juncture. Knowing the situation, Customs officers of the Materials Clearance Services Center responded quickly. They managed to handle the approval formalities for temporary imported goods and the declaration together. By multi-tasking and working overtime, Customs officers released the system in the shortest possible time.

Customs officers in the Materials Clearance Services Center had done a good job since they started their work on September 13. By far, they had issued 14 certificates for games-related import materials and finished the clearance procedures for 27 consignments of materials by using the “declare at home, release at port” model.


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