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Anti-smuggling Activities Held on Waters to Ensure Safe Asia Games  
At 4 A.M. on October 27, the anti-smuggling bureau of Dachan Customs House (affiliated to Guangzhou Customs District) detected an electronic components smuggling case around the Fanshi Waters. Customs officers said they had seized 2 million (52 cases of) smuggled components and detained one high-speed motor boat and two suspects in the case. The smuggled products which include mobile phone mainboards, computer display cards and chips were valued at RMB 5 million, said the officers.

To create a safe clearance environment for the Games, Guangzhou Customs District has enhanced the control over the small vessels that ride in the seas under its jurisdiction, with special attention being paid to those ships repeatedly involved into smuggling activities before and those crime-prone routes. As a supportive measure, Customs officers have beefed up patrol on the rivers, ports without Customs presence and terminals to guard against the smuggling in of the hazardous goods. To do their job better, Customs officers worked more closely with such departments as maritime safety, fishery management, border inspection and water police and created a liaison mechanism by which the different parties can communicate more effectively.

The anti-smuggling activities on waters produced positive results. According to the statistics, from January to September, Guangzhou Customs District had intercepted 76 smuggling cases which involved chemical products, finished oil, obsolete car cut pieces, photography equipment and digital products. The cases were valued at RMB 355 million with an unpaid duty of RMB 73 million.
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