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Appreciation Plaques Show Customs’ Support to IPR Protection (with photo)  
A few days ago, Zhang Wei’an, Chairman of the Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) came to Tianjin Customs District with two appreciation plaques to express gratitude to the customs officers for their support to QBPC members on IPR protection. He said, “A quality brand is one of the key factors that make an enterprise successful. Tianjin Customs has always been a great supporter to QBPC since our establishment. We will continue to cooperate with the customs administration on infringement information sharing and IPR protection training.”

In the past few years, Tianjin Customs District and QBPC have done lots of IPR enforcement activities catering to the brand building efforts of enterprises with foreign investment. Merely in last year, more than 30 QBPC members provided training to over 70 customs officers who are “experts” of documents examination, customs control and risk management. Meanwhile, a bunch of internally-renowned companies, including Addidas, Apple, Cannon, and Chanel, took part in the IPR protection events held by Tianjin Customs District.

According to Tianjin Customs District, for the first 7 months of this year, the customs administration has intercepted 207 infringement cases involving 2.389 million goods valued at RMB 34.729 million. Some practices of the customs administration on cases breaking were even set as examples for others to follow, for instance, the “infringement case upon SKF, which was selected with the highest number of votes as one of the “2011-2012 10 Best Cases of IPR Protection in China”.

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