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Customs-Business Cooperation to Protect IPRs of Chinese Brands  
On November 30, a Memorandum on Enhancing IPR Protection was signed by Tianjin Customs District and Tianjin Minmetals Co., Ltd. The signing of this memorandum is not only an innovation on Customs-Business cooperation to protect intellectual property rights but also an important step taken by Tianjin Customs District to implement the measures designed by the State to promote foreign trade development and to further facilitate and secure foreign trade here in Tianjin. The memorandum is of great significance both to the Customs and the Business.

Under the framework of the memorandum, a long-term mechanism to protect the Chinese brands created by Tianjin Minmetals Co., Ltd. will be established based on the constant and ever closer Customs-Business cooperation. According to the memorandum, Tianjin Customs District will give policy explanation and guidance on IPR protection to Tianjin Minmetals Co., Ltd. At the meantime, the customs administration will also be a coordinator and instructor on such issues as IPR customs registration and security provision, information sharing on infringing cases and risk management. While Tianjin Minmetals Co., Ltd. will come regularly to share with the frontline officers brand knowledge, the skills in distinguishing genuine items from fake ones as well as the origin and destination of the infringing products.

“Through the memorandum, we want to fully capitalize on the synergy of customs IPR enforcement and self-protection of the right holders. We hope our cooperation which is much more standardized and regular can attract more enterprises to take part in the IPR protection activities. We hope this can help improve business’s awareness to stand up for their legitimate rights”, said Hou Jinze, Chief of IPR Protection Section of Tianjin Customs District.
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