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Register for Customs IPR Protection

The registration for Customs IPR protection refers to the procedure in which an IPR holder, in accordance with the Regulations of the P. R China on Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, applies for registration with the General Administration of Customs of the legal status of its exclusive right to use trademark, copyrights and copyright-associated rights, and patent rights related to import or export goods and protected by the laws and administrative regulations of the P. R. China, related import or export commodities, lawful use of the IPR, the import or export of infringing goods and other circumstances, so that the Customs may proactively protect the related IPRs during their supervision over the import or export goods. Therefore, the IPR registration is a precondition for an IPR holder to seek the Customs proactive protection of its IPR.

In order to improve the efficiency of registration handling and the transparency of the review of registration by the General Administration of Customs, at present, applications for IPR registration have been changed to filing through Customs IPR Enforcement Registration System. The procedures for handling the IPR registration through the Registration System include: register system user; enter application information; and pay registration fees.

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