Guangdong Sub-Admin Seizes 143 Endangered Wild Animals

Customs seizure of the smuggled toucan

Under the command of Guangdong Sub-Administration of GACC, a special action against smuggling endangered animals was recently taken by Guangzhou, Nanning and Fuzhou Customs Districts in cooperation. The anti-smuggling officers busted one wild-animal detention site, seizing 140 parrots, 5 parrot eggs, 1 toucan and 2 small-water turtles that are listed in the appendixes of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).


According to customs investigation, the smugglers covertly carried the endangered wild animals by car inward across China-Vietnam border and sold them to Fujian province. The 3 Customs Districts jointly cut off the smuggling chain by seizing all the smuggling suspects and smuggled animals.


Customs reminder: Without official permit, do not import, raise, carry, buy or sell any wild animals and plants; import of wildlife is subject to official approval, customs declaration and quarantine as foreign species may have adverse impact on domestic health and eco-environment. 


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