Fuzhou Customs Cracks Big Precious Animal Products Smuggling Case

A big precious animal smuggling case was intercepted, announced Fuzhou Customs District a few days ago. 4 suspects, 111 ivory products, 1 rhinoceros horn product and 1 complete tiger skin, with a total street value of over RMB1.2 million were seized in the case. This is a principal achievement that Fuzhou Customs District has made since the start of the campaign codenamed “Guardian” in June this year to fight against the smuggling of precious animal and their products.

Kunming Customs Cracks Big Ice Trafficking Case

The anti-smuggling bureau of Mengding Customs House ( affiliated to Kunming Customs District) had cracked a really big drug trafficking case in which 72 kilograms of ice, 4 suspects and 4 cars were seized, said Kunming Customs District a few days ago.

Mobile System Makes Customs Control Easier

A few days ago, Control officers of Shatian Customs Office stationed by Huangpu Customs District exercised control over a consignment of goods declared by a trading company, using for the first time a portable control pad. Gao Haiping, a Customs officer on duty that day, was holding the pad to take pictures of the goods placed ......

300 Kilograms of Drugs Seized in “Net Casting”

Guangzhou Customs District launched in January this year a special anti-drug campaign codenamed “Net Casting”. Since then, the Customs administration has intensified the inspection on the goods and articles in postal, express mail, luggage and cargo control. By the mid of November, the Customs administration has cracked 172 drug trafficking cases in which 298 kilograms of drugs were seized, increasing by 1.8% and 13% respectively. 63 suspects were captured in those cases, according to Customs officers.

Hanghzou Customs Seizes Smuggled Ancient Building Parts

On October 31, when exercising control over a consignment of express parcels exported to Hong Kong, officers of Xiaoshan Airport Customs House (affiliated to Hangzhou Customs District) noticed a parcel with the declaration name of “handicrafts”. “The items in the parcel were wrapped by materials made of wood. Generally speaking, items which have packaging like this might be those fragile valuables”, recalled Ni Chushen, the Customs control officer on duty that day......

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