Gongbei Customs Helps Foreign Aircraft Entry into “the 12th Airshow China”

On October 19, one US-registered Cirrus SF-50 airplane landed at Zhuhai Airport as the first foreign aircraft coming into “the 12th Airshow China”, signaling the start of Gongbei Customs control over inbound aircrafts.


The 12th Airshow China will take place in Zhuhai during November 6-11. According to relevant plan, exhibition materials from abroad will enter and exit via Wanchai and Hengqin ports in Gongbei Customs District; aircrafts and crews from abroad will enter and exit via Zhuhai Airport and other designated ports. 


In order to ensure close and smooth control, Gongbei Customs tailored clearance plan for the Airshow and assigned a special workgroup to inspect the inbound/outbound exhibits, aircrafts and aircrews’ luggage, including onsite control at the exhibition area; provided clearance reservation service, making inspection and quarantine integrated on arrival; set up the Airshow-special declaration counters to deal with all relevant formalities in one-off manner at one place.    


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