Jinan Customs Helps Export Black Garlic from Shandong

Recently in Jinan Customs District, over 20 tons of black garlic cleared customs in Laiwu for exports to Japan and South Korea. According to the producer—Laiwu Yuyuan Foodstuffs Company Ltd., it is expanding black-garlic export market with growing competitiveness due to clearance facilitations provided by Laiwu Customs House.

From supply management till export process, Laiwu Customs House provides guidance and services in the mode of “produce base + company + standardization” to ensure product quality and safety from the source; meanwhile, it helps the company build good practice to reach food hygienic standard and export qualification; regarding external technical barriers to trade, the Customs keeps researching foreign hygienic requirements on garlic and helping the company with self-inspection of products in order to evade export risks. 


As a major origin of black garlic, Shandong Province now has more than 20 registered exporters thereof and, during January-February, exported 350 tons of black garlic, an increase of 16.7% year-on-year.

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