Qingdao Customs Clears First Export Pet Dogs from Shandong


Customs quarantine of the export pet dog

Recently, 6 bully dogs cleared export customs in Qingdao, Shandong Province, fulfilling the zero breakthrough in pet-dog export from this Province. Nowadays, a full industrial chain of pet-dog breeding and fostering has been set up in China.     

In support of the first export from Shandong, Qingdao Customs actively helped the exporter, Qingdao Xinuo Pet Company Ltd., go through the procedures of animal breeding, healthcare and disease prevention, drug use, fodder use, entry and exit, and epidemic report, refining the records of vaccination, feeding, etc. Besides, the Customs provided the Company with legal knowledge on the export of live animals and professional training on veterinary technology, thus enabling it to master and meet the export requirements.   


After this batch of export, Qingdao Xinuo Pet Company is expected to export 300 more pet dogs this year and will annually export 1,000-1,500 ones from next year on.



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