Ningbo Customs Seizes 50,000 Cartons of E-Cigarettes Smuggled In


Just before May 31—World No-Tobacco Day, Ningbo Customs cracked an inbound smuggling case of e-cigarettes worth more than 40 million yuan, seizing 33 criminal suspects and over 50,000 cartons of IQOS e-cigarettes.


It is found out by the Customs that the smuggling ring smuggled these Japan-made e-cigarettes by road from Thailand into Yunnan Province and then individually distributed them by express delivery to nationwide users. 


According to State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, the IQOS (“I Quit Original Smoking”) e-cigarette, alleged as a healthy product, is actually filled with tobacco, without material difference from traditional cigarette, and not proved to be harmless to human health.



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