Shenzhen Customs Crackdown on “Illegal Import Waste” Smuggling


In order to safeguard domestic eco-environment, Shenzhen Customs District keeps closer front control amid the “Blue Sky 2019” campaign and “Gongjian-07” audit campaign on import solid waste, achieving remarkable results.


According to statistics, from January to September, Shenzhen Customs seized totally 37,000 tons of illegal import waste and registered 11 criminal cases, making effective deterrent on the waste smuggling activities.


Port control at the front is the major approach of Shenzhen Customs to preventing the entry of illegal waste. The Customs strictly implements the GACC’s inspection requirements of “three 100%” as follows: for any solid waste, conducting 100% inspection by x-ray machine, 100% weighing on the scales, and 100% out-of-box inspection over the containerized goods suspected of smuggling. 


In the first three quarters, Shenzhen Customs seized totally 72 batches of inbound solid waste involved in false declaration and concealment, mainly being waste electro-mechanical products and waste plastics that have been returned abroad or disposed under customs control. 


Moreover, the Customs has set up professional preliminary screening labs at local ports, reducing the waste identification period to within 3 workdays, and provided an onsite expert review mechanism at the ports, so as to enhance clearance efficiency.



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