China Customs Fast Clears 240 Million Pieces of Anti-Epidemic Supplies by Feb. 2

According to customs statistics, from January 24 to February 2, China imported a total of 94,000 batches or 240 million pieces of anti-epidemic supplies, valued at 810 million yuan. Among them, protective articles accounted for 74.9% of the total batches, totaling 230 million pieces, valued at 610 million yuan, including 220 million face masks, 2,529,000 protective suits and 279,000 safety goggles. 

On February 2 alone, the imported anti-epidemic supplies totaled 24,000 batches or 59,708,000 pieces, valued at 150 million yuan. Among them, protective articles accounted for 97.6% of the total batches, totaling 59,694,000 pieces, valued at 147 million yuan, including 50,718,000 face masks, 528,000 protective suits and 68,000 safety goggles; sterilization products totaled 11,000 pieces, valued at 864,000 yuan.

China Customs has opened special counters and green lanes at all clearance sites across the country to provide fast and efficient clearance service for inbound anti-epidemic supplies. Overseas donations for anti-epidemic purposes can be released upon registration before appropriate formalities (such as duties exemption) are completed. Imported medicines and medical devices can be picked up on their arrival to ensure no delay in their clearance. All local Customs are required to set up service hotlines and make them available on major media, and designate personnel to provide timely clearance consultation services for enterprises. 

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