Shenzhen Customs Helps Exporters Get Duty Relief under China-ASEAN FTA


One month after the “protocol between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on revising China-ASEAN comprehensive economic cooperation framework agreement” took effect on August 20, Shenzhen Customs District provided Shenzhen-based exporters with 12,000 Certificates of Origin under China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, involving 3.13 billion yuan worth of goods, and helping them get duty relief about 160 million yuan, so as to boost such exports of medical devices, electrical appliances, furniture and toys to the ASEAN market.


Now, the ASEAN is China’s second-largest trading partner. According to GACC Announcement No. 136 of 2019, the “upgraded” certificate of origin can bring more benefits to enterprises: Chinese manufacturers can directly apply to Customs for the new version of certificate; the number of declared goods is no longer limited to 20 entries; the rules of origin is further refined, including 5 criteria of origin; the invoice column can be filled in with exporter invoice number or third-party invoice number, achieving higher efficiency in clearance operation. 

In an effort to promote the preferential policy, Shenzhen Customs held relevant information sessions for hundreds of exporters, giving face-to-face instructions and interpretations on the origin rules and certificate filling, so as to help them make full use of the policy benefits. 



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