Yinchuan Customs Helps Wine Export Abroad

According to Yinchuan Customs statistics, in 2020, wine export from Ningxia Region totaled 2.65 million yuan in value, up 46.4% year-on-year, showing  growth against all odds.  

As a key industry, grape wine is vital in foreign trade of Ningxia Region. Since 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the export logistics has been costly and demanding higher efficiency. Therefore, Yinchuan Customs keeps streamlining clearance procedures, coordinating test laboratories to expedite inspection process, and providing product certification ASAP to advance the real export.

In support of wine export, Yinchuan Customs takes three major targeted measures: 1. In line with business demands, provide information and technical consultations involving external technical barriers to trade and other dynamic changes, to help wine enterprises adapt to international markets; 2. Closely supervise the enterprises’ quality management system, internal control system, on-spot hygiene, food safety practice, etc. and guide them in wine quality/safety assurance through export inspection; 3. In the mode of expedite clearance, set up a “green channel” for wine export, giving priority to its inspection, quarantine and certification.    

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