What Is Networked Declaration?

An enterprise enjoying convenient clearance may make self-declaration on China E-port platform and directly handle formal declaration formalities with the Customs at the place of import or export or the competent customs. Such enterprise shall input all clearance data at one attempt. The data will be transmitted on the network among entry and exit authorities. The Customs will send an electronic return receipt after examining the electronic declaration form data. Such enterprise may handle document examination and goods inspection and release formalities with the Customs by itself or by its authorized representative at the clearance site. In addition, taxes and fees may be paid by electronic transfer to the qualified customs that connect the computers with the networks of designated banks. After the Customs issue a notice of electronic payment to such enterprise, such enterprise may handle the inspection and release formalities with the electronic return receipt of bank transfer.

In the pre-entry and networked declaration, the customs clearance system will no longer compulsively require manifest inspections and rejections of declaration forms; namely, as to the declaration forms with manifest numbers, but without electronic manifest data, the enterprises are admitted to continue completing the pre-entry and making normal declarations to the Customs and leave the two columns of "Vehicle Name" and "B/L No." blank when filling the declaration forms for the imported goods, and handle additional formalities for manifest cancellation afterwards.

In document examination, if the manifest declared by an enterprise is not recorded in the manifest bank of the Customs, no check and registration will be made firstly.


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