Gongbei Customs Seizes 1.2 Million Yuan of Currency Notes from an Inbound Passenger


Customs seizure of 1.2 million Yuan of currency notes from an inbound passenger 


On July 3, Zhakou Customs House, subordinate to Gongbei Customs District, seized the largest scale of illegal entry of currency since this year, involving 14 kilograms of 100-Yuan currency notes.


That morning, a Chinese male passenger carrying luggage passed Customs checkpoint through the “Nothing to Declare” channel, evading X-ray examination of his luggage. Customs officers immediately stopped the passenger and found his luggage filled with piles of RMB currency notes of 100 Yuan, totaling 1.2 million Yuan in value, far beyond the regulated limit of maximum 20,000 Yuan cash that can be carried by one passenger.


At present, this case has been transferred to the Customs anti-smuggling department.  


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