Qingdao Customs Seizes 220,000 Pieces of IPR-Infringing Goods in “Soaring Dragon” Campaign


Under the instruction of GACC, from September to November in 2017, Qingdao Customs District carried out the campaign known as “Soaring Dragon” to protect the IPR-advantageous export enterprises. During the period, the Customs made IPR enforcement on 89 batches of goods, seizing 61 cases of IPR infringement and 220,000 pieces of infringing goods.


In the three months of the campaign, Qingdao Customs mainly focused on the exports of traditional products including small household appliances, electronic products such as mobile phones, engineering machinery, daily necessities, festival products, and featured commodities.


Through the “Soaring Dragon” campaign, Qingdao Customs made every effort to improve the IPR protection efficiency, drive Shandong Province’s transformation of old capacity to the new and promote high-end orientation of Chinese brands. For the key enterprises, the Customs provided special fostering measures, and for the industries and enterprises with high risk in IPR infringement, the Customs provided risk analysis and further inspection efforts, so as to create a fair orderly competition environment for the export-oriented enterprises in Shandong.



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