Shenzhen Customs Seizes Over 1 Ton of Concealed Goods in a Truck


Recently, Shenzhen’s Huanggang Customs House seized a container truck carrying over 1 ton of concealed goods, including 200 kilograms of pangolin scales, a batch of branded perfumes, a batch of “Apple” mobile accessories and a batch of waste plastics, totally valued at more than 10 million yuan.


On the afternoon of November 6, the container truck entered the Huanggang port from Hong Kong, carrying “plastic trays” according to its declaration; but, when the truck was passing through, the Customs checking system gave an alarm, and therefore the officers inspected the truck thoroughly.


By means of unloading and out-of-box inspection, the officers found identical cartons filled with different goods: only some of the cartons contained plastic trays as declared, but others contained pangolin scales, perfumes, mobile accessories and waste plastics.


An officer said: “The concealed goods were packed in the same way as the declared ones, similar in weight but disordered in placement, so we had to open the cartons one by one to inspect.”


At present, this case is under further investigation.



The concealed goods seized by the Customs



The concealed “Apple” mobile accessories seized by the Customs



The concealed perfumes seized by the Customs


The concealed pangolin scales seized by the Customs




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