Qingdao Customs Helps AIRBUS Helicopter Assembly in Processing Trade



On July 24, an AIRBUS H135 helicopter was done through its assembly of components in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and then it was moved into an export control warehouse through customs clearance. By now, it is the first AIRBUS helicopter that has passed components assembly under processing trade control in China.


By January 18, AIRBUS Helicopters (Qingdao) Company Ltd., the owner of this H135 helicopter, finished its customs formalities on processing-trade e-handbook registration and bonded import of spare parts for the helicopter.


In support of the Company’s business operation, Qingdao Dagang Customs House set up a special workgroup to conduct face-to-face communication with the Company, helping it solve more than 30 problems in the field and providing it with more than 20 facilitating measures for clearance. 


During the course of implementation, Dagang Customs House made an innovative regulatory mode of “bonded warehouse + processing trade + export control warehouse”. In this mode: first, the imported spare parts were stored in a public bonded warehouse; then, after specific workshop and equipment got available for processing and the Company got its processing-trade handbook, the bonded imported spare parts were transferred into the control of processing-trade handbook; when the processing was all over, the finished helicopter was moved into an export control warehouse; later, for its domestic sale, the helicopter will go through general import formalities.


Thus, without transferring the ownership of imported parts and finished products, the Customs exercised full control over the bonded process and minimized the Company’s manufacturing time and logistic cost. Besides, the Customs exempted the Company from processing-trade deposit, saving about 8 million yuan in fund for each helicopter. 





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