Yiwu Becomes China’s First County-Level Airport Receiving Import Posts



On March 10, when a postal chartered airplane from Osaka, Japan carried 1.6 tons of consumer goods into Yiwu Airport (Zhejiang Province), Hangzhou Customs District fast cleared the postal import, marking that Yiwu has become Chinas first county-level airport of postal import with customs support. 


Because of the COVID-19 impact, some international flights to and from China were earlier suspended or reduced, resulting in predicament of many inbound posts at external airports, involving anti-epidemic supplies and consumer goods. Therefore, the GACC has opened 10 temporary postal routes (including those of Yiwu) to carry those stranded posts into China by air, by sea or by railway. And later the inbound posts will be transited from the Customs of entry to relevant Mail Exchange Offices. 


In response to the surge in postal imports, Yiwu Customs House has increased the import clearance channels under effective control and kept coordination with Shanghai International Mail Exchange Office and Hangzhou International Mail Exchange Office in facilitating the customs transit, so as to ensure timely delivery of inbound posts to domestic recipients.   

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