Nanjing Customs Clears First Imported Russian Frozen Poultry into Jiangsu Province


In Nanjing Customs District, a shipment of frozen poultry meat from Russia was released inward by Jinling Customs House on September 30. This was the first import of Russian frozen poultry into Jiangsu province since this April China and Russia reached their bilateral protocol on quarantine and veterinary requirements for import and export frozen poultry meat.


This batch was 27.69 tons of frozen chicken claws transported by sea. Compared with railway or highway transportation, the sea transportation can better ensure refrigerated storage and save more transport cost, to the benefit of Jiangsu’s growing trade with the countries and regions involved in the “Belt and Road” Initiative.


Before the importation, Jinling Customs House provided regulatory guidance for the importer in terms of market access and enterprise registrations; from the arrival to the warehousing of the cargo, the Customs strictly implemented legal quarantine requirements, including full process monitoring; by collaborating with local port administrations, it conducted expedite declaration and joint inspection so as to reduce clearance time and logistical cost for the importer.  




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