Taiyuan Customs Helps Export More Fruits from Jinyang

On July 3, a carload of fresh pears from Shanxi Province arrived at the port of Qingdao, Shandong Province for export to Thailand, while Taiyuan Customs officers were inspecting the pear orchard in Jinyang City, Shanxi Province for fruit and pest monitoring. 


Regarding fresh fruits, customs clearance is subject to tight time limit. To ensure both clearance efficiency and inspection standard, Jinyang Customs (subordinate to Taiyuan Customs District) focuses on quarantine control of local orchards and package plants. The Customs keeps daily inspection in local orchards for fruit disease, pest and pesticide application; on the other hand, it keeps strict inspection on export fruits by out-of-box audit, sampling and lab test in line with the quarantine requirements of importing countries/regions, without delay in the clearance process.   


Jinyang Customs is doing its best to ensure the quality and safety of export fruits in support of the export growth during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. From January till June, the Customs cleared 412 batches of export fruits, totaling 11,677 tons worth USD19.64 million, up 50.92%, 79.91%, 117.26% year-on-year respectively. 



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