Zhanjiang Customs Facilitates Bauxite Import into Xiashan Port

Recently in Zhanjiang Customs District, about 50,000 tons of import bauxite was unloaded from an international cargo ship under the control of Xiashan Custom House. This batch of bauxite will be used to produce alumina as an industrial raw material.

Xiashan, Zhanjiang City is a key transit port of mineral ores in south China and, every year, over 20 million tons of iron ore, bauxite, titanium ore, etc. are imported through Xiashan Customs House.   

In support of bulk ore import, the Customs House carries out weight survey optimization, shifting from batch survey to on-demand survey; upholds advance declaration and deposit-based release to enhance clearance efficiency and relieve tax burden on importers; provides reservation service and remote video monitoring of field operations, online controlling the unloading process; in port storage yard, it guides enterprises to stockpile, rehandle and dispatch bulk ores, with the aim of expediting clearance.     

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