Zhengzhou Customs Seizes 200 Ants Posted from Germany


Recently, Zhengzhou Customs-affiliated Post Office seized nearly 200 foreign ants in an inbound post from Germany, marking the largest number in such single seizure since this year.


Through out-of-box inspection, the inbound post declared as “sample” contained nearly 200 ants, including 6 queens that were 2cm-long each, accompanied by soil, leaves and waste wires for the disguise purpose. By now, the post has been detained by the Customs for further investigation. 


In recent years, domestic pet lovers often buy some big, aggressive ants from abroad and post them inward. But, as per relevant quarantine regulations, live insects and soil are prohibited from inbound post and passenger carrying, in light of the customs reminder that non-permitted foreign species can harm domestic eco-balance and human health.



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