Qingdao Customs Helps Export Pickles to South Korea

In Qingdao Customs District, 20 tons of pickles were exported to South Korea under the control of Yantai Customs House on January 8, marking the first export of Yantai pickles to South Korea in 2021.

South Korea has very strict technical requirements on import pickles. Last year, on receiving applications from 2 pickle producers for the export, Yantai Customs House gave “one-on-one” supports, helping the producers build and improve food safety management systems in line with both China’s export food hygiene requirements and South Korea’s import standards.

Additionally, Yantai Customs House keeps collecting foreign regulations and risk warnings on food safety and publicizing them to local enterprises to ensure the compliance of the exports.   

According to the customs statistics, Yantai exported 90 batches of pickles, more than 2,000 tons, to South Korea in 2020. Now, the smooth export set a good example with positive effects on deep processing export vegetables, enhancing added value and international competitiveness of products.   

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