Shanghai Customs Clears Indonesian Pineapples for the 2nd Import Expo

Customs officers inspect the Indonesian pineapples imported on temporary permission.


As the first batch, 36 kilograms of Indonesian pineapples were delivered by air from Indonesia to Shanghai Pudong International Airport on October 28. As China has not yet given quarantine access permit to Indonesian pineapples, this import was due to Shanghai Customs District’s temporary special permission based on GACC approval for the purpose of the second Import Expo to be held in Shanghai. Before that, only canned Indonesian pineapples could be imported, with the fresh ones banned from access.


In order to ensure the timely clearance, Pudong Airport Customs House provided a green channel for the Import Expo, conducting field inspection and testing in line with a special quarantine program for such temporary-permitted fruits. By fast release, these Indonesian pineapples will soon make their debut at the Import Expo.


Meanwhile, two batches of Panama pineapples were also fast released for the Import Expo. Notably, Panama pineapples were the first fruits being permitted to access the Chinese market after their show at the first Import Expo in last year.




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