Nanjing Customs Seizes 7 Specimen Butterflies in Inbound Post

Recently in Nanjing Customs District, 7 specimen butterflies were seized in an inbound post by Jinling Customs House.  

Through professional identification, the 7 specimen butterflies were South American morphos that are rare species, including Morpho Helena (the national butterfly of Peru), Morpho Nestira, Morpho Menelaus and Blue Morpho.     

In accordance with the “Catalog of Animals, Plants and Their Products Prohibited from Carrying and Posting into China”, animal specimens are a quarantine object banned from postal entry. Therefore, the specimen butterflies are detained by the Customs for further investigation.

Customs reminder: Private specimens of animals are accompanied by big quarantine risk. To prevent epidemic and pests from abroad, anyone must not carry or post animal specimens inward without domestic official approvals and without quarantine certificates issued by the authorities of exporting countries/regions. 

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