GACC Launches 3rd-Round “Blue Sky 2019”Campaign against Solid-Waste Smuggling

Minister Ni Yuefeng directs the 3rd round of the “Blue Sky 2019” campaign against solid waste smuggling

On the early morning of December 18, under the command of Minister Ni Yuefeng, the GACC launched the third round of the “Blue Sky 2019” campaign to combat inward smuggling of solid waste. Through the special action, 10 participating Customs Districts (in 9 provinces/municipalities) busted 20 smuggling syndicates, captured 72 criminal suspects, and seized 79,100 tons of illicit imported waste such as waste plastics and slag, in an intensive, clustered and full-chain manner.
Through unremitting control and crackdown efforts, solid-waste import volume and smuggling activities are both on the decline. Since this year, the import volume has reached 13,102,700 tons, down 37.45% year-on-year; 354 smuggling cases have been investigated, involving 763,200 tons of solid wastes, down 21% and 48.64% year-on-year respectively; a total of 376 smugglers have been arrested, down 20.34% year-on-year.    
From now on, China Customs is continuing the crackdown and urging the criminal suspects to surrender to the authorities for lenient treatment. So far, there have been 56 suspects surrendering themselves as per relevant requirements.

Besides cooperating with domestic administrations, the GACC will also further cooperate with foreign authorities or international organizations in a long-acting mechanism against waste smuggling.

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