Chongqing Customs Helps Export Subsidiary Food Abroad

Customs inspection of export mushrooms in the workshop

Recently in Chongqing Customs District, officers with Liangjiang Customs House inspected 21.1 tons of needle mushrooms at a local biotech company and then cleared their export via “Western China’s New Land-Sea Corridor” to ASEAN countries.  

Liangjiang Customs House real-timely tracked every procedure of the export, helping the exporter prepare certificates/documents required by the importing countries, making a special inspection plan and providing many conveniences such as advance declaration, reserved quarantine, and risk monitoring to ensure fastest clearance without delay; it also helped the exporter fully use the origin preferences to enjoy tariff concessions totaling 22,000 US dollars.       

Since this year, Chongqing Customs, through customs-enterprises exchanges and “government-customs-enterprises” joint conferences, has been promoting customs measures against the epidemic and for trade facilitation, explaining the latest policies on registrations, origin certification, SPS approval, etc., and helping local food enterprises with food safety control. So far, the Customs has registered 197 export food makers, with new entrants 57 this year, up 40% year-on-year.       

On the other hand, Chongqing Customs provides special services for export food makers by focusing on such problems as whether enterprise quality/safety management system or manufacturing/processing complies with the regulations of China and importing countries/regions, so as to help the enterprises in business resumption and expansion; additionally, the Customs coordinates the setup of local import/export food platform, e.g. enabling first exports of hotpot condiments to Korea and Singapore.       

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