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Permit for Customs Broker Registration

I. Application materials

The following materials shall be submitted with any application for registration as a customs broker:
1. the application form for registration as a customs broker;
2. the duplicate copy of the applicant's Business License for Enterprise Legal Person or a photocopy of the Company Name Pre-Approval Notice;
3. the applicant's Articles of Association; 
4. a photocopy of the applicant's capital contribution certificate;
5. photocopies of the Declarer's Qualification Certificates for the customs declaration practitioners employed by the applicant;
6. a feasibility report on the provision of customs declaration services by the applicant;
7. the resume of the person in charge of the applicant's customs declaration services;
8. the ownership certificate or lease agreement for the applicant's customs declaration business premises; and
9. any other materials relevant to the application for registration permit.

II. Application site
Any applicant for registration permit shall apply at and submit all application materials to the applicant's local Customs.

III. Time limit for handling of application
Following the acceptance of an application by the Customs in the place where the applicant is located, it shall thoroughly inspect the application materials on the basis of the applicable statutory conditions and procedures and complete the inspection within 20 days as of the date on which the application for reg