Nanjing Customs Fast Clears 9,265 Import Live Cattle at Lianyungang Port

Customs officers supervise the unloading of the import live cattle.


On July 26, a shipment of live breeding cattle from Uruguay, totaling 9,265 in number, arrived at Lianyungang Port, Jiangsu Province, and Lianyungang Customs House (subordinate to Nanjing Customs District) provided a green channel for the clearance and quarantine procedures.


To shorten the stay time of the cattle, earlier before their arrival at the port, the Customs officers mastered the import plan of the importer, tracked and instructed on relevant manifest and declaration, and arranged well for shipside control over the inbound cattle.  


When the carrying ship anchored off the pier at 9:00 a.m., the awaiting officers immediately went aboard for inspection. In the hot weather of 36℃, the officers efficiently completed a series of customs formalities, achieving “zero delay” for the ship entry and the cattle landing. At around 16:00, with a landing passage set up, those cattle began to be unloaded from the ship. Later, all the imported cattle were distributed to two quarantine stations for 45 days of quarantine.


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