China Customs Cracks 277 Drug-Smuggling Cases So Far

Till June 20, China Customs has cracked 277 cases of drug smuggling since 2018, seizing 1.93 tons of illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, codeine, methamphetamine and ketamine, and capturing 169 smuggling suspects. Meanwhile, the Customs also seized 5 cases of smuggling drug-making substances, involving 32.8 tons of precursor chemicals such as 1-phenyl-1-propanone and ephedrine.


Reportedly, China Customs has established “three lines of defense” in anti-drug enforcement: “the first line of defense” means organizing border Customs to make closer inspections at border crossings that are near the “Golden Triangle”—the place of origin of illegal narcotics; “the second line of defense” means intensifying inspections over inward/outward passengers and luggage by air and by land; "the third line of defense" means intensifying inspections over inward/outward postal mails and express items.


According to the GACC, the Customs nationwide will continue cracking down on drug smuggling activities by further analyzing the smuggling characteristics, enhancing Customs anti-drug professionalism, optimizing inter-agencies cooperation mechanisms and giving full play to international enforcement cooperation.

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