Application and Approval Procedures for Processing Trade Enterprises’ Implementation of Computer-Networked Supervision

I. A processing trade enterprise that can apply to the local supervisory customs for computer-networked supervision in writing shall:  

(I) be a manufacturing enterprise that is export-oriented, qualified for operation of processing trade in China and registered with the customs;  

(II) operate lawfully and creditably, with computerized internal management;

(III) be able to provide true data according to the requirements of the General Administration of Customs;

(IV) possesses sufficient assets and capital as an overall guaranty for its financial responsibilities supposed for networked supervision.

II. If the local supervisory customs accepts the network application, the following data shall be collected:

(I) A copy of application for networked supervision by the processing trade enterprise;  

(II) A copy of approval of import and export right of operating enterprise or a duplicate of approval certificate of foreign investment enterprise;  

(III) A duplicate of business license of the processing trade enterprise.  

(IV) A copy of Investigation of Networked Processing Trade Enterprises of XX Customs;  

(V) List of business scope, including the name of imported materials and parts and exported finished goods and four-digit H.S. numbers;

(VI) Other supporting documents and materials required by the customs.

III. The local supervisory customs shall carry out field investigation for the enterprise applying network, issue an assessment report according to the actuality and propose specific implementation advices within one month after the acceptance of application.  

The assessment mainly involves the following:  

(I) Whether the applying enterprise implements computerized management for purchasing, production, warehousing, finance, marketing and other links;  

(II) Whether internal management of the enterprise is standard and accurate and reliable data can be provided according to the requirements of the customs;  

(III) Whether the processing trade business mode of the enterprise is suitable for networked supervision;  

(IV) Whether the enterprise has smuggling, violation, tax arrear, deception and other bad credit records;  

(V) Whether the annual production and processing capacity, warehouse capacity, processing cycle, etc. of the enterprise are consistent with that declared;  

(VI) Whether the enterprise is able to carry out necessary networked computer program development and maintenance;  

(VII) Whether number-based management is adopted for bonded and domestic materials of the applying enterprise.  

The local supervisory customs shall propose the difficulties during the implementation of network, and problems requiring a symposium and recommendations according to the field investigation and assessment for the applying enterprise.  

IV. Based on the investigation and assessment, if the local supervisory customs believe the applying enterprise is qualified for implementation of computer networked supervision, the Approval for Computer Networked Supervision of Processing Trade Enterprise of XX Customs shall be completed in duplicated, attached with the data listed in the Article 2 and submitted to the customs at a higher level for approval.  

V. For the enterprise which is approved for networked supervision of processing trade, the Notice on Approval for Processing Trade Enterprises’ Implementation of Computer Networked Supervision by XX Customs will be issued by the local supervisory customs.

VI. The local supervisory customs will sign with the approved networked enterprise the Liability Guarantee for Networked Supervision of Processing Trade of XX Customs in duplicate, each for the local supervisory customs and the networked enterprise for achieving for future reference.

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