Huangpu Customs Seizes IPR-Infringing Wristwatches and Eyeglasses Totaling 2,200 Pieces


Recently, the Shatian Office of Huangpu Customs District seized a batch of wristwatches and eyeglasses suspected of infringing the intellectual property rights (IPR) of Apple Inc. and Porsche AG respectively.


According to the Customs officers, through manual inspection over an export consignment including 219,000 wristwatches and 36,000-pair eyeglasses, the officers found that, besides several cartons of these goods without trademarks, in the other few cartons were wristwatches printed with “Apple logo” drawing and eyeglasses printed with “PORSCHE DESIGN” words, both rough in workmanship and suspected of infringing relevant IPRs. After identification with the IPR owners, it was confirmed that there were 1,200 wristwatches and 1,000-pair eyeglasses infringing the trademark rights of Apple Inc. and Porsche AG respectively.


Therefore, the export consignment has all been detained by the Customs.



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