Nanjing Customs Seizes Dried Sea Horses and Counterfeit Wristwatches at Wuxi Airport

Recently in Nanjing Customs District, 85 dried sea horses and 3 counterfeit wristwatches were respectively seized in two inbound baggage at the airport of Wuxi.

When inspecting an inbound flight, Wuxi Customs House intercepted two pieces of passenger baggage that were suspicious under the X-ray. Through out-of-box audit, the officers found 85 dried sea horses (totaling 477 grams) in one box and 3 counterfeit wristwatches (2 with “OMEGA” trademark and 1 with “Universal” trademark) in another box. At present, these articles are detained for further investigation.

Customs reminder: sea horse is listed in Appendix II of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species” (CITES) and dried sea horses are a rare animal product; without Import/Export Permit from the authority, carrying or mailing such endangered species and their products is subject to administrative penalty and, in serious cases, subject to criminal punishment.

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