Guangzhou Customs Helps Export Christmas Goods from Heyuan

With the upcoming Christmas Day, lots of festival goods are being exported from Heyuan, Guangdong Province to become the favorites of overseas consumers for the holidays.

In Heyuan City, there are many manufacturers of festival ornaments and artworks enjoying the international market, with their export peak season from July through November each year.     

For example, Lisheng Trees & Lamps (Heyuan) Company Ltd., a major manufacturer of Christmas trees, enjoys over 70% of shares in European and American markets. Recently, with the help of Heyuan Customs House subordinate to Guangzhou Customs District, the Company fast exported its last 16 batches of Christmas trees, worth 1.67 million yuan, of this year.

In support of the festival exports, Heyuan Customs House actively provides local enterprises with policy guidance, including latest sanitary-phytosanitary (SPS) requirements, to cope with external technical measures to trade; also monitors their raw-material selection, manufacturing process and export quarantine, so as to avoid product return for incompliance. Additionally, the Customs conducts fast-track clearance with remote mobile inspection, thus enabling the exports to catch up with Christmas sales overseas.

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