Nanjing Customs Cracks a Series of Major Refined Oil Smuggling Cases


On December 23, 2017, Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Nanjing Customs collaborated with several agencies to carry out a unified campaign against the smuggling of refined oil products across Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang and other provinces. The campaign destroyed 3 smuggling rings by seizing 3 smuggling vessels with over 1,700 tons of refined oil on site, and 17 criminal suspects, including a gang leader surnamed Qiu responsible for upstream oil supply.

Since July of 2017, Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Taizhou Customs, a subordinate to Nanjing Customs has carefully examined the clues of refined oil smuggling crimes within its jurisdiction. Relying on technical support such as the "Smart Anti-smuggling" big data platform of Nanjing Customs, the Bureau has basically identified the organizational structure, smuggling activities and related evidence of relevant criminal gangs. According to preliminary investigation, since 2016, the refined oil smuggling gang used illegitimate vessels and modified riverboats to evade maritime inspections, drove out of the mouth of the Yangtze River to the high seas and docked with overseas oil-shipping vessels to complete the barge trade of refined oil products, then smuggled them around Customs border control into inland water areas such as Taizhou, Nantong, Yangzhou for profit.


Currently, it has been verified that the quantity of smuggled refined oil involved in this case is 12,000 tons worth CNY 85 million. This collaborative campaign has fully leveraged expertise of related departments, which made joint efforts in comprehensive Customs control on both waters and lands, thus enhancing the effect of further crackdown and enabling crackdown on the entire chain from overseas oil supply to sale in China.



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