Nanjing Customs Seizes 244 IPR-Infringing Golf Clubs

Recently in Nanjing Customs District, 244 golf clubs in outward posts were intercepted by Jinling Customs House because of their infringing intellectual property right (IPR).


By using X-ray machine in the Post Office, customs officers found metal clubs in outward parcels for many times. Through out-of-box inspection, a total of 244 golf clubs with the “Taylor Made” trademark were suspected of IPR infringement as they were inferior in workmanship and package. Finally, the Customs contacted the IPR owner and confirmed these clubs infringing on the trademark right. 


According to Jinling Customs Post Office, amid the “Soaring Dragon 2019” campaign, the Customs House has seized 38 cases of IPR infringement involving 4,188 pieces of articles such as bags, garment, shoes, caps, leather belts, and eye glasses.



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