Qingdao Customs Helps Cross-Border E-Commerce Export from Yantai

In Qingdao Customs District, about 60,000 cross-border e-commerce exports cleared customs on November 13 at Yantai Post Office under the control of Yantai Customs House.

In support of global sales by cross-border e-commerce, Yantai Customs actively communicates with local exporters in their clearance demands and coordinates cross-border e-commerce worksites to facilitate the export clearance. Over the past week, Yantai Customs cleared 154,000 commodities in cross-border e-commerce export.

With the help of the Customs, cross-border e-commerce businesses can directly set up their warehouses overseas to serve external customers, thus reducing logistics cost and enhancing business efficiency.

According to the Post Office affiliated with Yantai Customs, the control procedure for cross-border e-commerce has been enhanced by optimum network system and increasing operational personnel to ensure fast clearance; additionally, regarding the difficulty in export return from abroad, the Customs helps the e-commerce businesses set up their return management system for normalized control.   

By statistics, from January till October, Yantai registered more than one million consignments of cross-border e-commerce exports, with goods worth 120 million yuan.

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