Moon Cakes of Egg or Meat Filling are Banned from Entry by Carry and Postal Means


On September 8, Hangzhou Customs officers seized one box of yolk-filled moon cakes from inside an inbound mail. As per China’s catalog of entry-banned animals, plants and relevant products, the moon cakes of egg or meat filling are prohibited from entry by carry and postal means because such fillings are potentially infected with epidemics such as bird flu and foot-and-mouth disease. Therefore, the Customs conducted outward return of the boxed cakes.


By statistics, from September 8 to 19, Hangzhou Customs seized 8 inbound consignments of yolk-filled moon cakes in the postal channel, totaling 31.72 kilograms in weight.


The Customs gives the reminder that cross-border mail of moon cakes should avoid those of egg or meat filling, just replaced with plant-derived filling, and should also comply with the quarantine requirements by the countries/regions of destination, so as not to be returned or destroyed.


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