Nanjing Customs Begins “Multi-Certificates Integration” to Register Shipper & Consignee as Declarant

In Nanjing Customs District, the subordinate Jinling Customs House finished online registration of Nanjing Boya Zhigu Biotechnology Company Limited on the morning of January 11, making this Company the first enterprise in China that has been registered a Shipper & Consignee as Declarant by means of “multi-certificates integration” — a reformative measure Nanjing Customs has just taken officially.


According to the joint Announcement No. 14 of 2019 made by GACC and State Administration for Market Regulation, when an enterprise is undertaking its business registration, it can apply for Customs Declarant Registration Certificate (Shipper & Consignee as Declarant); then, after receiving the enterprise’s business registration information, the Customs will immediately conduct the declarant registration, thus reducing the institutional formalities and costs on the enterprise.


“Enterprises will no longer need to visit Customs for their registration,” said ZHANG Quan, a section chief of Jinling Customs House, “however, if they need the paper certificate, they can login the ‘Single Window’ platform (www.singlewindow.cn) to print out the registration receipt and then go to local Customs house for the official seal”.



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