How Should an Enterprise of Freight to and from Hong Kong and Macao SARs Apply for Registration with the Customs?

For registration, the enterprise engaging in the freight shall present the following documents to the competent Customs at the place of entry/exit or its authorized subordinate Customs houses:

1. Registration Application Form for Enterprises Engaging in Freight Transportation to and from Hong Kong/ Macao SARs; 

2. Approval document issued by competent government authorities; 

3. Copy of the Business License for Enterprise as Legal Person or the Business License issued by the administration for industry and commerce; 

4. Copy of the Organization Code Certificate of the People’s Republic of China issued by the technical supervision authorities; 

5. For enterprises engaging solely in freight transportation, a copy of the Road Transportation Business License issued by the Traffic Administrative Department is required; for manufacturing enterprises, a copy of the Certificate of Registration of Self-declaration Enterprises issued by the Customs is required; and 

6. Letter of Guarantee issued by the bank or non-banking financial institutions acceptable to the Customs. 

The copies of the documents mentioned in the items 3, 4 and 5 shall be presented with the corresponding originals to the customs for verification. 

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