Qingdao Customs Helps Crude Oil Import into Laizhou

In 2020, a total of 8.39 million tons of crude oil was imported into Laizhou (Shandong Province), showing a “smiling curve” of 9% growth year-on-year, according to Laizhou Customs House subordinate to Qingdao Customs District.  

Crude oil has always been the focus by Laizhou Customs House in foreign trade. Regarding the increasing import, the Customs House actively carries out new reform measures such as “release first, inspection later” to reduce oil storage time by 20%; meanwhile, the Customs House integrates the procedures of entry health quarantine, cargo inspection and appraisal, thus finishing all operations onboard in one-off way, to reduce the stay time by 4 hours for each ship; additionally, it cooperates with other Port Administrations in entry-exit services, such as overtime reservation, to reduce the clearance time to 10 minutes or so.

These efficient measures can save nearly 50 million yuan of business cost for the importers and ships each year, greatly boosting petroleum import to Laizhou.  

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